Beta Sigma Phi is an international organization for women
spanning 23 countries and having over 250,000 members
worldwide in 12,500 chapters. Walter W. Ross founded the
sorority in 1931 in Abilene, Kansas, as a reading club for his
wife and her friends. During the Great Depression, he realized
a need and created this sorority as an outlet for social contact,
self-development, spiritual fulfillment and the opportunity for
service to others.

Beta Sigma Phi is now the largest organization of its kind in
the world and is a life, learning and friendship sorority. We
are women of all ages, interests, educational and economical backgrounds. We are dedicated to helping women fulfill
their lives by encouraging them to make time in their
busy schedules for friendship and fun!

Beta Sigma Phi could be just the right organization for you
if you are a woman looking for new friends and fun things
to do! This organization will provide you with friends that
enjoy community service as well as great social activities.

There are three types of active membership status to
a member's changing needs. The privilege
to transfer your
membership should you have to move.
There will be a sister waiting for you or the opportunity
to create a new
chapter. Membership is honored in 20
countries and 12,500 chapters worldwide. Online
membership the convenience of chapter participation
without leaving home. Legacy membership for
granddaughters, daughters and other special girls.
Envoy membership allows the men in our lives to enjoy
our special organization and the social life that it offers.
Envoy 2
membership for grandsons, sons and other
special boys.
  • International Endowment fund - Members voluntarily
    support charitable, health and cultural organizations.  
  • Disaster Relief fund - Contributions from sisters which
    provides grants to members who suffer losses from
    natural disasters.
  • Interest-free Medical Loan Fund - Loans for illness and
  • Low Annual Fees - Affordable for any women who wants
    to join.
  • Scholarships - For members, their children and grand-
  • International Pen Pal Program - Introduce legacies and
    members to sisters around the world.
  • Bed and Breakfast Program - Accommodations for traveling
  • Beta Sigma Phi Conventions and Cruises - Chance for you
    to meet other sisters and get to travel at discount rates.
  • Contest - For Individual members and chapters contest
    include poetry, photos, year book and recipes.
  • Cultural Programs - To enhance chapter meetings.
  • The Torch of Beta Sigma Phi - Our sorority magazine that
    offers news about sisters around the world.

For more information about
Beta Sigma Phi contact South
West Houston City Council
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