Preceptor Nu ladies are a Career chapter and meet the
first Friday of each month year round. We are all about
sisterhood, fun, culture and friendship. In addition to
monthly chapter meetings, we host a wide variety of social
events with our spouses such as T
exas wine tasting, backyard barbecues, theater outings, formal dinners and shopping trips.
The chapter also makes time for learning new things such as
local history, crafts and the visual and performing arts.
Additionally, the chapter participates in a variety of service
activities that gives back to the community. The chapter
prides itself in the wide array of personalities and talents that
each member brings to the chapter. Preceptor Nu's spouses
"Beta Buddies" are very much a part of our chapter.

Preceptor Nu prides itself on bringing "ALL" sisters together.
To that end, this year and last, many "happenings" have been
added to include folks we may not know well in other SWHCC chapters.  This year we will add an Annual Chili Cook-off at
which all chapters may enter the competition but more
importantly be able to "mix and mingle." 

If you would like to meet the sisters in PN please contact
Shirley Hyatt at

Michelle Lovelace

Vice President
Duang Putnam

Recording Secretary
Rana Baker

Corresponding Secretary
sam Strande

Amy Her

Amy Her

Woman of the Year
Rana Baker